The Interior Sight’s Foreword

Recently I announced the book “The Interior Sight”, my first book that I co-created in collaboration with my endearing friend and book author Victor Peláez. This is the foreword of the book. I hope you enjoy it.


When in its trajectory light touches matter, it acquires information from it that carries through space until it is perceived by the human eye that has the quality of decoding this information which transforms into images and thus, obtains the physical characteristics of the object associated with the image, such as colors, shapes, movement, etc. By transmitting these physical attributes to the brain, it interprets them according to people´s cultural baggage, emotional state and other aspects that are part of the human condition; We call this phenomenon perception.

In the case of photography, the phenomenon is full of magic, since light is trapped as if it left in the photograph the information it carries. Obviously, it´s not so, however, the fact that the image is captured in the photograph gives us the illusion of having caught the time. Human perception continues to interpret the image as if it were the real image, it continues to judge whether what it perceives is beautiful or not.

When we see a photograph, we often think that the image we perceive reflects reality. This is partially true, photography as an art is, above all, an interpretation of reality such as either painting or sculpture and like them, photography also transmits messages, feelings, ideas, sometimes poetic, sometimes historical, sometimes crude, but undoubtedly always cultural.

Enrique (the photographer) lives in Houston and Víctor (the writer) in Montreal; Beyond the family relationship that unites them, they have woven a friendship, a complicity that has been forged over many years of sharing their vision of the world. Thus, through long hours of conversation using the magic of digital video-conferencing, the project “The Interior Look” was born and became a reality. “The Interior Look” became for both of them a common place where they made coincided, the photographic art and the passion for culture.

We deliver to the reader a book with multiple facets that invites to a journey where it is intertwined abstract and concrete, literature and philosophy, light sculpture and the image captured instantly, poetry and history, and always, art and culture.

Once the photographic technique is mastered, the photographer’s artistic work is arduous; like the pianist who learns to read a musical partitur, but still has to achieve the coloratura of his interpretation. Enrique manages to convey with his art, his inner look, his interpretation of “reality”, thus it is trying to describe that “inner look” that Victor has written his reaction to his photographs.

Thus, the work of art and the intelligent art appreciation formed a single suggestive object that provokes the reader to travel through emotions and ideas, to recognize innovative meanings in objects and at the same time to rhapsodize with the beauty of the image and discover its own “inner look”.

Enrique and Victor Peláez

If you like this story and my photography you can acquire either the book or magazine. All the content — including more than 40 images and respective stories —   is presented in two mediums, as a coffee table Book-Art for collectors that enjoy a large format (12×12 in, 30×30 cm) printed on the finest Premium Matte paper for only $225.99 USD plus shipping.

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