Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.”
― Gustav Mahler

Recently I announced the book “The Interior Sight”, my first book that I co-created in collaboration with my endearing friend and book author Victor Peláez. This is one of the stories in the book that we titled “Traditions”. 

Here is the story:

Traditions are the memory of people, they are that intangible inheritance without testament that transcends from generation to generation regardless of refinement or social class. “The barrel organ” also known as “organ of Barbaria” that is played by the man in the photograph is a device of German origin that was used by many people to make a living. It is not a musical instrument, since the performer only has to turn a crank to make it sound, however it must be done with a certain cadence, so that the melody is played at the proper rhythm.

In Europe in the nineteenth century, as well as in Latin America in the twentieth century, this magical object put in hands of the poorest people, the possibility of making a living by taking music to the streets. In Europe it disappeared quickly, but in Latin America, and particularly in Mexico, it became a tradition that still exists in the hands of smiling, good people like the man in the photograph.

If you like this story and my photography you can acquire either the book or magazine. All the content — including more than 40 images and respective stories —   is presented in two mediums, as a coffee table Book-Art for collectors that enjoy a large format (12×12 in, 30×30 cm) printed on the finest Premium Matte paper for only $225.99 USD plus shipping.

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