Isabel Muñoz

© Isabel Muñoz

During the last 6 to 8 weeks I’ve been making a significant research regarding ballet photography in preparation for the series I’m working on. As part of this research, I happily found Isabel Muñoz who is a Spanier photographer whose fascinating works encompasses topics such as dance, traditions of multiple cultures, and the human body.

Muñoz’ photography is not just aesthetically beautiful, but also denotes a strong character, conveying messages that go from the sensuality of the dance — such as the Argentine Tango or the enchanting beauty of ballerina images — to the shock of the impacting portraits of members of the “Mara Salvatrucha”, the international criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1980s.

This particular image is part of Muñoz’ series “Tango”, which is also a book. The composition of this image, in my opinion, is perfect, but beyond the aesthetics of the image, the close-up to the naked back of the dancer, the sensuality of her partner touching her back to presumably direct the movements to be performed next by the couple is just sublime.

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