Love Is a Dog From Hell

Image Title: Demons, © Enrique Peláez

When I first started working on this image using a panoramic technique — several macro-images stitched together — I automatically thought of Jaime Sabine’s poem “The Lovers”, particularly of the following part of the poem:

“The lovers are the serpent of the story.
They have snakes instead of arms.
The veins in their necks swell like snakes too, suffocating them.
The lovers can’t sleep because if they do, the worms eat them.”

So, for Sabines passionate love is sort of a dog from hell; in another part of the poem, Sabines says “ The lovers are crazy, only crazy; with no God and no Devil”, which reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s quote: “We are each our own demons, and we make this world our hell” referring, I guess, to the different passionate love situations that eventually took his career and life.

Is passionate love a sustainable situation over time? Should this be replaced by a more serene, tranquil love? Are men and women with a highly romanticized view of the world bound to succumb to their “demons”? I certainly don’t know the answers to those questions, so I just wanted to pay tribute to those men and women — either real like Wilde, or created by the imagination of a writer such as Madame Bovary or the Sabines’ “Lovers” — that without hesitation threw themselves to the flames of all-consuming loves.

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