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It was difficult to select an image to talk about Gregory Colbert´s works, all of them are really extraordinary. Colbert is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker who is best known in the world of photography as the creator of “Ashes and Snow”, which I think is an intelligent “construct” based on photographic artworks and films by Colbert, a novel in letters that basically “travels” in the “Nomadic Museum” which is a purpose-built structure used to house the “Ashes and Snow” photography and film exhibition by Colbert.

The “Nomadic Museum”, since its debut in Venetia, has traveled around the globe including New York City, Tokyo, Mexico City, and so many other cities. Colbert has created a beautiful, massive multimedia concept based on his outstanding works and obviously an audacious vision to create something unique, a carefully balanced blend of artistic and commercial intentions.

This photo, in my opinion, is an incredible ode to what Cobert himself calls the “magical alchemy between humans and animals”, a carefully composed photograph that transcends the limits of the imagination, when I first saw Colbert’s works I thought — as many people probably do it after a first impression — it’s a composite! but not, they are not, his work is the real experience. So, Colbert is creating carefully staged fine art images, as if he was in a photo studio, but he’s actually in the real animals’ habitats.

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