Las Fridas

“I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.”

— Frida Kahlo

I titled this image “Las Fridas”; July 6th was the natal anniversary of Frida Kahlo. Because of that in the outskirts of the “Blue House” — “La Casa Azul”, a.k.a. Museum Frida Kahlo — women dressing like Frida were selling all sort of Frida’s memorabilia to people getting to the museum.

Frida Kahlo is arguably Mexico’s greatest artist. Her most well-known paintings in the world of arts are her self-portraits. Frida’s self-portraits lay bare the multiples tragedies she endured during life.

“La Casa Azul” is located in Mexico City in the area of Coyoacán that has had an intellectual and vanguard reputation since 1920, it has been the home of writers such as Octavio Paz and Salvador Novo as well as the most known Mexican artists such as Mario Moreno and others.

Frida loved flowers, so much that the museum decided to intervene in “Frida´s home” to celebrate that she would be turning 110 years old this past July 6th. The patio access portal was decorated with one of her most famous phrases “Tree of hope, keep me steadfast”; there they built-up several arcs of colorful flowers that simulate the hair combs full of color that she always wore.

There was a real festive atmosphere, that in my opinion reflects the celebration mood that is felt in Mexico after the overwhelming triumph at the polls of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador who represents a huge change (for the good) for the needy people of Mexico.

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