One recurrent topic in my photography is birds. In general “my birds” are urban birds; there is a lot of bird activity to watch right in the city, especially in coastal cities. Moreover, I believe urban birds present a unique opportunity to “find visual poetry”, so let me explain what I mean with that.

I’ve kind of an obsession with composition, which I believe is a key ingredient in black and white photography, however I’m also convinced that composition, as well as all the in-camera and post-processing mastering one can get,  are not enough in order to create art out photography.

Linda Gregg in an article called “The Art of Finding.” says: “I believe that poetry at its best is found rather than written.” She says that poems have traditionally been admired for their craftsmanship, musicality, the handsomeness of language, patterning, and rhymes. However, she stated that what really matters to her more than the shapeliness and dance of language is what the poem discovers deeper down.

I believe that fine art photography, same as poetry according to Gregg, should convey something that makes people want to discover deeper down into the image — that’s what I referred early as visual poetry.

This photograph is part of series that I called “Awakenings”, all photos were taken the same day between 6:00 and 6:30 AM, all of them are visually similar, all of them are mostly high-key image with a minimalist approach to composition, and in each of them the artistic intent is to convey the idea that awakenings are a beginning, a beginning to life, a beginning to love, or even a revival of faith.

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