“The Art of Ballet” Series (1/2)

Muses work all day long and then at night get together and dance…”
― Edgar Degas

I recently started a new personal project which consists of developing a portfolio of black and white ballerinas images.

The motivation for this new series is more than anything to capture in images the beauty of this unique art form. I believe ballet is able to tell stories in a way that can never be expressed in words. For me, ballet has the ability to touch people on a deep and abstract level. In the same fashion, going to the theater to see a ballet piece is a remarkable experience that allows us to enjoy a live, unfiltered, and unedited art experience.

For this work, I took inspiration from one of the most famous ballerinas’ painters — Edgar Degas, a French artist born in the 19th century, famous for his paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings — not to literally reproduce what he did in painting, but to try to find a similar spirit.

So, according to Paul Trachtman — an art writer at the Smithsonian Magazine — “At the ballet, Degas found a world that excited both his taste for classical beauty and his eye for modern realism” which is what I’m looking to capture in this black and white series.

My version of the “ballerinas world” is based in a studio session that I did some weeks ago with a professional ballerina and model — I spent six hours in the studio working with her. In subsequent posts I will share more of this series, however, this image is one of my favorites, despite it’s not technically perfect I think it reflects a lot of the spirit that initially motivated me to start this work.

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