Butterflies and Rainbows

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. — Anonymous

Hello my friends, it has been a while since the last post, my apologies but you know, sometimes many everyday problems cross the road at once and well one has to slow down to deal with them, but everything seems to get back to normal now.

This time the topic I’m writing about is more of an inspirational one. The other day I was trying to make some butterflies shots in the “Butterfly Center” located at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. So, while doing this, it came to my mind an Argentinean legend about the origin of the rainbow, so here it goes:

Seven butterflies lived for many centuries in the heart of the jungle Corrientes, each had a different color.  The mountain inhabitants admired the beautiful effect the butterflies flight produced on the green foliage! One day, one is struck with a long spine, the wound was fatal and, when they understand it the remaining butterflies offered any sacrifice to prevent the death of her companion. Then they heard a voice said, “Are you willing to give their lives in order to remain together?”

— All said yes —

Immediately black clouds darkened the sky and unleashed a strong wind and rain storm, a whirlwind wrapped the seven butterfly friends rising them to the infinity.  With the return of calm, the sun returned to shine more brightly than ever, and yet appeared in the sky a strange light arc formed by the seven colors,  — the same colors of the butterflies.

Their souls were together forever in heaven. That is the origin of the Rainbow, whose dazzling beauty makes us see and admire the purest symbol of friendship.

I hope you enjoy this little story as much as I did.

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