Juan Rulfo

— What’s that? — she said

— What’s what? — I asked

— That, that noise

— That’s the silence …

Juan Rulfo, Lluvina

Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez, better known as “Juan Rulfo” was a novelist,  photographer, and a film screenwriter. He was born in Apulco Jalisco, Mexico on May 16, 1917 and died on January 7, 1986 in Mexico City.

JR - 1 - Niña corriendo en un portal de Jalisco 1961
Niña corriendo en un portal de Jalisco“, “Girl running in a corridor in Jalisco”

In fact, the literary work of Rulfo is widely known, he wrote just 3 short stories: “El llano en llamas”, “Pedro Páramo”,  and “El Gallo de Oro”. Albeit Rulfo’s literary oeuvre was short, he is considered one the greatest novelist of the 20th century in Latin America.

JR - 2 - mujer-rulfo
Mujer“, “Woman”

Less known than his short stories is Rulfo’s magnificent photography,  which in many aspects resemble his literary work.  Rulfo’s photography is about the roots and character of the rural Mexican identity of the mid 20th century. His photography explores the character, sternness, loneliness, and resistance of people and landscape of a rural Mexican that no longer exist.

JR - 3 - Foto de Juan Rulfo 1
Nada de esto es un sueño”, “Nothing of this is a dream”

Nada de esto es un sueño” (“Nothing of this is a dream”) is probably one of the most reproduced photographs of  Rulfo. This is one of few photos he published himself. The striking parallels with the beginning of his best novel “Pedro Páramo” make it probably the most memorable image of Rulfo’s photography oeuvre.

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