Processing black-and-white images (video)

You don’t take a photograph you make it – Ansel Adams”

This is the tenth publication of a series in which I’m addressing the topic of black-and-white. The series include posts and videos that can be easily located by using the tag “learning-black-and-white” either in the search box above, or by directly clicking on the tag name at the bottom of this post.  Also, here is a link to the entire series so far.

This video is an step-by-step explanation of the post-processing workflow that I use in order to create black-and-white images.

Here you go a 55 minutes video about my post-processing workflow

Thanks for staying with me during all this series, I do appreciate it. The next post of this series will be an article about the different photography genres that are more suitable for black-and-white photography. Let’s keep in touch.

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