Masks reveal the shape of your soul and the state of the world and, in today’s world, everyone wears a mask.” ― Chloe Thurlow, Katie in Love

Mask is an object that is thought to be created — like many other things — in China, as part of ancient religious ceremonies. However, other pre-Columbian cultures like the Aztecs in Mexico also had masks that they used as part of religious acts, however, an important difference with Chinese masks is that usually, these masks were for display purposes and not be worn. So, masks that are actually worn can then be attributed as originated in China.

Now, parabolically speaking, we all wear “emotional masks”, I’m referring to all those masks we use to hide our insecurities, masks that we wear because we’re afraid of something. For example, bullies are usually people full of fears that try to disguise those feeling behind the mask of a bully.

I prefer to think of masks as suggested by the Chloe Thurlow: “they reveal the shape of your soul”, in the case of this image, the playful mood of the fabric around the model’s face adds a halo of mysticism to the simplicity of the delicate body curves.

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