I hadn’t even left my room and already my day had taken a U-turn straight to hell.”
― Bianca Scardoni, Inception

“Inception” is part of a series I’m working on whose title I’ve not decided yet, but it will be about two topics: sex and fear. In the surface, the connection between these topics is probably not straightforward, however, both are basic instincts controlled by what scientists call the reptilian brain, which is the part of the human brain that controls vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature, balance, etc.

Regardless of how cultivated or sophisticated we believe we are, a part of our brain glides through the dark of our consciousness, like a serpent. In other words, our reptilian brain makes us all — however moralistic or dignified, we may think we are — driven by sex. Moreover, anyone who has experimented a life-and-death situation, and has survived, of course, can attest that fear is probably even a more primal instinct than sex.

The unifying element of the series is women legs in fishnets, so yes, there is an undeniable erotic intention in each of the images, but it’s circumstantial, just an element to stimulate that primal part of the spectator’s brain to convey this idea of Sex driven by Fear, or Fear driven by Sex, that at the end of the day both are common situations in our society.

I will post more images, as I finish post-processing a set of photographs — taken in sessions with different models — that I’ve selected for this series.

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