About Nude Photography II

Once we are aware that our nudity makes us objects of desire, we become naked.”
― Chloe Thurlow, Katie in Love

I’ve recently started to create fine art nude images. This was a pursuit that a year ago I didn’t have in mind, that was probably because I was distrustful of the genre due of the proliferation of vulgar images pretending to be “fine-art-nude-photography”.

After going deeper into the works of some of masters-of-photography that I’d say have influenced what my work is about these days, I realized most of them have done amazing things in this particular genre. Particularly photographers like Edward Weston, Irving Penn, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, just to mention some of them.

I started this series months ago, not to emulate what these “monsters of photography” have done, of course, but just hoping something good would come-out out of this. It took me a while to create an in-camera and post-processing workflow for this genre that kept the same visual style that I’ve for other genres, this is one the first images that I’m somehow pleased with the result.

As in all genres I practice, I’m sure it will be an evolution on the particular topics I pick to cover, I’d like to do something more abstract, playing with body parts, also a series of angels is something hovering in my head.

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