About Nude Photography I

The nakedness of woman is the work of God”  — William Blake

In my opinion, nudity offers essential — many times eloquent — approaches to artists in order to express their vision. Through nudity, artists use the human body in ways that are particularly valuable in terms of creating a timeless, universal expression.

One other project I initiated last year was to create a portfolio of artistic nude pieces. As probably some of you know one of my inspirations is the Mexican photographer Manuel Alvárez Bravo, who expressed the following in one of the essays included in the book “Nude: Theory”, NY 1979 1st Lustrum:

“I believe that the nude is a genre like any other, like landscape, street photography, or still life. These are all themes subject to the expression of the individual. In my case, the nude is photographed in the same manner as for example, the landscape, on the spur of the moment, an opportunity presents itself … One must open the eyes to find whether there is, or there is not, an interaction of the individual with reality at the moment. The results are determined by the baggage of human experiences of the artist”

This image is one of my firsts forays in the world on artistic nude photography. Hopefully,  you like it, but the point I wanted to emphasize is that I couldn’t agree more with Alvárez Bravo, if you understand the basic principles of composition, the human body is one more subject. In my opinion, the difference lies in the fact that it offers an infinite number of possibilities that range from the sublime to the frankly distasteful.

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